ConnectWise Manage Service Delivery

ConnectWise Manage is a powerful PSA suite for MSPs that offers a wide range of functionality, from project management to CRM, billing, scheduling and time tracking.

It also has a service delivery module that offers ticketing, dispatching, closed loop emails, time tracking, and billing integration.

Benefits and Drawbacks of CW Service Delivery and Help Desk

The main benefit of managing service delivery in ConnectWise is the integration with its other modules. For example, because ConnectWise has your customer database, it’s easy to associate a service ticket with its customer and agreements.

However, the ConnectWise service module has some significant drawbacks. In ConnectWise it is very difficult to:

  • See the status of current work
  • Communicate about which tickets are the most important right now
  • Identify neglected work and bottlenecks that slow you down
  • Finish tickets in the shortest possible time by minimizing work in progress
  • Minimize work required from a dispatcher, because when dispatching to calendars, any change or problem with a scheduled ticket results in new work to dispatch!

If you’re frustrated with service delivery in ConnectWise- you’re not alone!

Managing Service Delivery in ConnectWise with TopLeft Kanban

Integrate Better with the ConnectWise Manage Service Delivery Module

Kanban boards are a very useful tool for improving service management in ConnectWise. There are numerous benefits, but one of the main ones is releasing your dispatcher from the tyrany of scheduling changes resulting in more dispatching work. When work is organized outside the calendar, changes to that work don’t require changes to the calendar, and the dispatcher can focus on more important things.

Another benefit of Kanban is visualizing work in progress. Without Kanban it’s easy to start working on a brand new ticket even when previously-started tickets are ready to be worked and finished. But Kanban helps identify the work that’s already been started so you can focus on finishing it before starting new work. This leads to faster completion times, smaller queues of tickets, and improved responsiveness to your clients.

Reasons to Deliver Service with TopLeft Kanban

With TopLeft Kanban you can:

  • Easily see the status of your current work
  • Communicate clearly about the priority of each ticket
  • Understand which tickets are old and where bottlenecks are forming in your workflow
  • Reduce strain on your dispatcher by using Kanban to organize work, so that small changes to ticket scheduling don’t result in new dispatching work

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