Is your team already using Slack for internal chat? Or even delivering chat-based support to clients using Slack? Are your engineers looking for easier ways to create tickets and enter time without having to slog through the ConnectWise interface? Have you realized that working from email notifications is just painful and inefficient?

We’ve built a Slackbot exactly for that reason! We’ve called her CraftyBot. With single line commands, she is happy to create tickets, time entries, notes, schedule entries, activities and more.

It’s pretty powerful to be able to create a ticket right in the middle of a team discussion about some issue. Then everyone is aware a ticket has already been created and can easily add their time to the same ticket. This helps to capture 100% of all time in real-time and accurately against the correct ticket and client.

Check this related blog post on how a team of 10 billing engineers can add $100,000 in bottom-line profit by simply tracking another 15 minutes a day. All you have to do is make it easier!

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